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A hacker's view of DoS attacks | David "Karit" Robinson | Half day (am)

A lot of people will say to defend against a DoS attack all you need is a CDN, WAF, and DoS scrubbing in front of your web site; a little piece of news… while this is a good start, it may not help in a lot of cases.

This workshop will look at the systems in your organisation which aren’t your normal run of the mill web sites, which hackers will target. Hands-on time will be spent detailing the methods to identify these assets, along with how to formulate a plan to protect them.

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Dave/Karit (@nzkarit) in his time working in various parts of the IT industry has developed a skillset that encompasses various disciplines in the information security domain. Dave currently works as a Penetration Tester at ZX Security in Wellington and runs Kākācon.

Since joining ZX Security Dave has presented at DefCon, Kiwicon, Aerospace Village @ DefCon, BSidesCBR, ChCon, Unrestcon and at numerous local meetups; along with running training at Kiwicon, Syscan, CrikeyCon and TuskCon. He also has a keen interest in aerospace, lock-picking and all things wireless.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Everyone | Simon Howard | Full day

The course will be run as a series of modules with each module discussing one or more topics. Each topic will include hands-on exercises involving the attendees where they gain real-world experience with the tools and techniques discussed. Modules will include:

  • Operational security - staying staff when conducting an investigation
  • Covert identity management - managing the risk of counter-surveillance.
  • Evidence collection - how to gather intelligence and create links and associations between entities of interest.
  • Open Source Intelligence gathering - coverage of the various information sources (social media, etc), and how to collect information from them
  • Network discovery - gathering information about domains (including historic information) and IP addresses
  • Workshop - we will test the skills you have learnt during the day with a case study

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Simon Howard is CTO and founder of ZX Security, a penetration testing firm based in Wellington. Simon and his team spend their days testing the security of their customers' networks, applications and people.

In addition to penetration testing, ZX Security also provides cloud security and cyber strategy and risk consultancy services. Simon also co-founded and assists with running Australasia’s largest hacker conference, Kiwicon (recently re-branded as Kawaiicon).

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Ticket Link is live. Training tickets will go on sale on Thurday Oct 14th 4:04 PM NZDT. Space is limited.