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Ticket Link: Site is live. The 2nd wave of tickets will go on sale on Thurday Oct 14th 4:04 PM NZDT.

Current rules: Level 2 see Covid_19 info page
This page will be updated as Level restrictions change.

Despite the new Level 2 rule changes (see below) - the required 1m distancing rule still limits our venue capacity to the numbers stated below.

At Alert Level 2, there are no restrictions on the number of people that can attend an event at a venue, for example at a stadium, cinema, theatre or conference venue — as long as everyone can safely stay 1 metre apart. Attendees can be seated or standing.

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  • Level 3 - Reserve a spot
    Pick this ticket if you are currently in a NZ Level 3 area. This will reserve you a ticket to purchase if restrictions ease before November 4th and we can open up more tickets.

  • Student/Unwaged - Reserve a spot
    We will have 50% tickets allocated for you. In some cases the money may be refunded once you show up (depending on how many generous donors we have this year).

  • Main Hall ($70) - limited release - currently 100 ppl max for this space to keep distancing requirements.
    This is the main stage where speakers will speak.
    Note: This badge is restricted access. Main Hall and Social Events only.

  • Side Hall ($40) - limited release - 30 ppl max for this space to keep distancing requirements.
    This room will have a live video feed with a large projector screen and cater to individuals that don’t want to be a part of the larger crowd, but still want to be AT the event and take part in other social aspects of the event.
    Note: This badge is restricted access. Side Hall and Social Events only.

  • Virtual VIP ($50) - ANZ only
    This is for our virtual audience that can’t make it to the conference but would still like to get all the swag and goodies attendees get (and a little bit extra because we miss you). Shipping will be after the conference.

$ chcon21 –important_information:

  • Remember: Tickets will be released in waves, there will be more coming.

  • If you have not aquired a ticket by the end of the month, but have already booked flights and/or accommodation, pleast contact us directly for options.

  • Masks - We strongly recommend that you wear them. We will be providing branded CHCon masks again this year (and they’re pretty rad), but please be prepared with your own mask that you are comfortable with.

  • Seating - All attendees will be seated. Seating is the venue responsibility, but will adhere to 1m distancing rules. If you move seats to sit with your bubble, please be kind and move them back when you leave the seat.

  • Keep Your Distance - All attendees MUST maintain a 1m distancing rule to those you are not traveling/attending with. Anyone purposely neglecting this requirement can be reported and considered in breach of the CHCon Code of Conduct.

  • Follow the White Rabbit - There will be arrows directing the flow of traffic - please follow them

  • CTF and Locksport tables will be set up at the back of both Main and Side halls with required distancing rules. If restrictions ease, a dedicated CTF space may become available.

  • Locksport will require a BYO tools policy - but beginner kits will be available for purchase and prizes.

  • Hospitality venues have similar rules read here and may limit large social gatherings. More on this later…

  • The toilets at the venue are part of the PUBLIC venue which have physical distancing enforced. This is the responsibility of the venue employees to enforce, not us. Please take care, distance, wash, and wear a mask.

  • Code of Conduct will be adhered to, please review CHCon CoC and any issues during the event can be reported to organisers or submitted anonymously through the CHCon website.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly email us.