This presentation will provide an insight into Aotearoa and European legislation, and gain basic knowledge of data privacy in both jurisdictions. It highlights the recent changes made to the New Zealand legislation and provides a comparison to the requirements of European data protection principles. In order to do so, it will be important to gain an understanding of the EU as a supranational organisation and highlight the principles underpinning the EU. This understanding is very important to our team of 5 million as New Zealand negotiates its free trade agreement with the EU. Practical examples of hypothetical scenarios have been incorporated to provide a deeper level of data privacy understanding. By the end of this presentation, the audience should be able to identify basic data privacy principles and form their own opinions about what system is more rigid.

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Randy is a GRC Security Consultant at Quantum Security based in Wellington. Previously, Randy has worked for start-ups and in banking overseas. Randy grew up in Hawke’s Bay, and his studies took him overseas to the UK, France, and Germany. Having studied towards a law degree and a Master’s in Security Management, Randy loves data protection, as it combines the best of both legal and tech worlds. Randy likes to think of himself as a global citizen that combines the world-renowned welcoming Kiwi attitude with German virtues.