Insurance premiums are rising, brokers are leaving and ransomware has set everything on fire.

With this talk we’ll plot the path of cyber insurance over the years; how it morphed from its boring origins, the key aspects that drove that change (wannacry, notpetya, maersk) and the underlying flaw in the insurance industries (mis)calculations.

Finally, we’ll reflect on the original hope for what the insurance industry could do, where things will (likely) go next and what you as security experts and leaders can do to help your business when your Cyber Insurance policy comes up for review.

$ whoami

I’m a security professional that leans towards the GRC side of the spectrum. I got my start in Tech working as a games (then technical) tester, hopping between industries (Sidhe, TVNZ, Orion Health, IRD).

Six years ago I moved over to London, where I shifted into the security side of things. Three months after becoming an InfoSec Manager at a NHS medical software company… WannaCry hit.

A couple years later I joined a FinTech start-up, as the InfoSec Officer. It was a rollercoaster of M&A and investment rounds until Covid hit. Finally, I returned home and recently joined the team @ Quantum, where I’ve been getting to know NZ all over again.