Are you tired of getting web application penetration test reports back and finding them filled with Low and Informational Risk vulnerabilities? Don’t you wish there was a way to clear out all the ““low hanging fruit”” pentesters love to include in every report? Now there is!

I’ll show you how to go through your web app with free tools and minimal hacking experience and detect all those little BS findings that clutter up pentest reports (and occasionally get chained together to allow attackers to wreck your system). You’ll get a cleaner report and a more secure web app. Pentesters like me will be able to spend more time looking for higher-risk vulnerabilities instead of spending four hours of the reporting cycle writing up Low and Informational findings. It’s win-win!

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Ben is real-life Corp Decker and cofounder of the Woodlands Hackers Association. When he’s not hacking he’s probably running tabletop RPGs, getting motion sick in VR, walking his cat, or spending way too much time on Twitter.