We live in a world where we like to depend on our technology for most things in our lives, from waking us up in the morning, telling us how well we slept, reminding us that we need to get in another 2000 steps to reach our target today, booking a ride, ordering food, not to mention pretty much all forms of entertainment, to letting us know that its time to eat, drink, move or sleep, our apps and devices are always right there to take care of everything we might need. We rely on them completely.

If google maps says turn right but your friend with the map says to turn left, who are you more likely to trust? Surely, google knows the way, right? Because there is no chance of human error there. So, the fact that we can’t solve the cyber security issue with technology alone might sound like a scary thought. Because we like to rely on technology.

Humans, on the other hand, are unpredictable. But, whether we like it or not, the people are the key to keeping the business safe in this case.

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One day at work, I became curious about what would happen if this confidential data got into the wrong hands of someone who could misuse it. So, I started to do some research, and I was shocked by what I discovered. Like most people, I had always presumed cybersecurity to be something primarily concerning large companies and organisations. But what I quickly discovered was that many cyber-attacks specifically target SMEs – small to medium sized businesses. Yet, many startups and SMEs are either not aware of the cybersecurity threat or don’t have the resources to effectively manage and combat it. After learning more about cyber security incidents and the very real threats businesses and individuals face in the digital era, I knew I had to help. Help raise awareness and help combat cybercrime. So I founded Security Lit. While I had no background in cybersecurity, and no experience in running a business, I did have a powerful vision.