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9:00 The Crew Intro - 30 mins
9:30 David “Karit” Robinson A hacker's view of DoS attacks
10:00 Fiona Becoming a Jedi
10:30 Matt Cotterell Hacking OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0
11:00 ALL Break - 30 mins
11:30 Tom Isaacson (V) IANAL for IoT
11:45 Jed Laundry Smartifying your dumb home
12:15 Peter Jakowetz Homebrew Hacking
13:00 ALL Lunch - 90 mins
14:30 Jeremy Stott (V) SaaS - Security as a Secondthought
15:00 Kim Carter Dev Team Security: Back to the Future
15:30 Chloe Ashford PCI: How to comply more and cry less
16:00 ALL Break - 30 mins
16:30 Jamie McClymont Southbridge of SPIes
17:00 Hugh Davenport and Daniel Spector Let's Talk About Mental Health in IT
18:00 The Crew Closing

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9:45 The Crew Intro - 15 mins
10:00 hoodiePony (V) Surviving that cyber pauper's lyfe
10:30 Sam Shute Hash Cracking in 2021: Something old and something new
11:00 ALL Break - 30 mins
11:30 Ben Loula (V) Raising the Fruit
12:00 Pete g Catch fish, not cables
12:15 Paolo Tonetti Cyber Insurance is dead. Long live Cyber Insurance.
12:30 Randy Glass Comparing Aotearoa, New Zealand and European Data Privacy: Rigid Systems v She'll be Right?
13:00 ALL Lunch - 90 mins
14:30 Gavin Dilworth (V) Pen testing ICS/OT do's and don'ts
15:00 Ankita Dhakar Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility
15:30 Francesco Badraun Continuous Assurance — Automating Cloud Configuration Security
16:00 ALL Break - 30 mins
16:30 John DiLeo (V) Baking Security In: An AppSec 'Critical Path' for Developers
17:00 Kay Ward EVE Online's Architectural History
17:30 Sam “Frenchie” Stewart and Abby Jaskari Hackin your first Kubernetes cluster: An intro to cloud & container infrastructure exploitation
18:00 The Crew Closing